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        Our Policies

        Coronavirus Policy

        • Please knock on the door to attract our attention. We will discuss with you the best way to handle your enquiry.
        • Do not enter the office if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus or have had any in the past two weeks.
        • If you enter the office, please do not go past the table.
        • Please use the chair to the right of the door.
        • Please use the hand spray provided, and if requested, the mask provided.

        Viewing Policy

        Prior to booking and/or attending an “in-person” viewing the following must be satisfied:

        • The Applicant has viewed any Virtual or Video Tour available and has registered their details
          with us.
        • The Applicant is in a position to proceed ie. they can start a Tenancy within a few weeks.
        • The Applicant has not shown any symptoms associated with Covid 19 and has not tested
          positive for Covid 19 within 14 days prior to the viewing.
        • The Applicant is able to provide their own PPE – a face covering as a minimum.
        • The Applicant undertakes to avoid touching any surfaces in the property.
        • The Applicant agrees to view the property at their own risk.

        At the viewing the following must be satisfied:

        • No children under the age of 15 and no more than two adults may attend the viewing.
        • The Viewer must arrive wearing their own PPE – a face covering as a minimum.
        • The Viewer must wait outside the property (preferably in their vehicle) until the team member confirms they can enter.
        • The team member will ensure that all the internal doors are open and any lights required are switched on (if possible any occupant should do this before leaving the property).
        • The team member must ensure that any occupants have left the property before conducting the viewing.
        • The Viewer to put on the shoe covers provided and wipe their hands with the antibacterial wipe provided (or wear their own gloves), before entering the property.
        • A 2-metre distance must be maintained between the Viewer and the team member as far as possible.
        • The team member must wear new PPE – a minimum of face covering, disposable gloves and shoe covers.
        • The interior viewing should not last more than 15 minutes.
        • The Viewer to dispose of shoe covers in the bag provided and use the hand wipe (if they wish to) as they leave the property.

        After the viewing:

        • The team member should ensure the Viewers have left the property before any occupant or another viewer arrives.
        • The team member should wipe down any door handles, switches or surfaces with antibacterial wipes before any occupier returns or another viewing takes place.
        • PPE equipment must be disposed of carefully in a suitable waste bag to be kept in the boot and an antibacterial hand wipe or gel used after finishing the viewing(s).
        • The team member should wash their hands thoroughly once they return to the office or home.
        • The team member must alert Hannah to any breaches of this policy that may lead to possible contamination.