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The Jago Journal Christmas 2021

    Christmas Opening

    We will be closed from December 24th returning on the 29th and closed on January 3rd. Our opening hours from the 29th to the 31st  are 10.00 to 16.00.

    You are welcome to visit us in the office but please where a mask when you do. We will wear one when visiting properties.

    Outside opening hours, in an emergency, you can email to [email protected] or call 01424 839398. If we do not answer immediately, we will get back to you.

    Notice Period

    Notice periods have reverted to their pre-pandemic status. Landlords have to give a minimum two months’ notice to end a Tenancy. However, depending on a tenant’s circumstances, especially if they have rented for a long time in the same property, it is good practise to give more notice where possible.

    Tenants have to give one or two month’s notice to end their Tenancy, and it must coincide with a rental period.


    We are working with Porchlight whose aim is to end homelessness in Kent and who are doing a fantastic job to help vulnerable people find a home and get back on their feet. We are asking landlords if they would donate £1 a month from rent to which we will add 50p. Not a lot individually, but collectively makes a real difference. We’d love to you to join us; many landlords already have but we need more!

    Please contact us, it is really simple for us to set this up for you, and you will see it as a donation on your monthly statements.

    Rent Protection

    Rent Protection Schemes were extremely difficult to find when the pandemic broke. Mainly because the minimum notice period was extended to six months and there was concern that tenants may lose their jobs.

    Jago and Jago have access to Schemes that will pay the rent if the tenant defaults, and cover the legal costs to gain possession. For peace of mind alone, it’s worth it.

    Please contact us if you are not already on one of our Schemes.